What A Privilege

A photograph of a pelican resting on the grass near Cornwall

An adult Dalmatian pelican was first spotted in West Cornwall in early May. It gradually worked its way eastward stopping for some time at Devoran and Restronguet Creek only 5 miles away.

Imagine our surprise when one of our guests, who was enjoying his breakfast asked “what is that bird on the river”? All eyes turned to the river and there it was, clearly visible to all those present, coasting along on the tide.

It became a regular visitor to our location from the end of May until mid-July and attracted a larger that normal amount of bird enthusiasts. Its next port of call was the Camel Estuary on the north coast of Cornwall where it made National news.

With a wing span of 5’3” it dwarfed our resident egrets, grey herons, curlews and assorted wild fowl.

Reportedly, it was the first Dalmatian pelican seen in the UK for hundreds of years. There are only 10-20,000 remaining in the world.

Actual footage of the Dalmation Pelican can be viewed on YouTube “Dalmation Pelican Cornwall May 2016”.

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